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Tuliptree Ring - Rose Gold & Labradorite

$ 32.00

One day during my freshman year, I noticed that the tree outside my dorm had changed.  All its leaves had fallen, and in their place large pink and white flowers bloomed. Their petals were so thick and perfect: they looked fake.  My roommate, an east coast native, told me it was a dogwood tree.  She was close, but not quite right. Years later I learned it was actually a tuliptree.

Like that tree, this piece has two very different faces, each equally beautiful.  Smooth rose gold beads form a bumpy band punctuated with crisp, faceted grey labradorite gems.  You can wear it with the stones facing out or reversed as a plain, beaded band.  I love hybrid accessories!

The Tuliptree ring is shown layered in the second picture with the Tuliptree Ring in Rose Gold & Mint Green and in the last picture with the Sweetgum Ring in Rose Gold & Labradorite.

14k rose gold filled
Contact me to have this item custom made in 14k gold filled or sterling silver.

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