Strawberry Hill Woven Long Necklace - Rose Gold – Applepear Handcrafted Jewelry

Strawberry Hill Woven Long Necklace - Rose Gold

$ 198.00

Strawberry Hill has no geographic significance, but it has a personal significance to me.  It is a hill in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and where my my husband ended up proposing to me.  I say ending up because he had a plan A and several contingency plans in case that didn't work out.  Initially, he wanted to propose to me at the Japanese Tea Gardens.  We went there, only to find out that it closed early that day, so it was a really good thing he had a backup plan!

Pair of isocoles woven triangles, one thinner and long and the other slighty shorter and wider, close each end of this wrap-chain necklace. Lightly tie or wrap loose, whatever your style!

14k rose gold filled

1” wide, 2" tall charm & 1/2" wide, 3" tall charm
36" length chain



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