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About The First Fall Collection

I grew up in California, and never saw a real fall until I went to school in upstate New York at Cornell University.  My first fall was so wonderful, I still have leaves I saved from it (those are them on the left).  I loved the brilliant colors the leaves turned and the satisfying crunch sound they made when I stepped on them.

One night, while walking with a group of friends to a party, I spied a particularly irresistible pile of leaves.  I jumped into it with enthusiasm, not realizing there was a puddle of mud underneath.  I had mud splashed all over my pants, but I wasn't worried since I was going to a dark party.

A luck would have it, the party had a black light.  My light colored pants glowed, highlighting the huge mud blobs!

The pieces in this collection are named after species of trees that can be found on the Cornell campus.