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Climb Collection

Climbing a mountain has long since been a metaphor for overcoming obstacles.  It's almost a cliche, yet it's something I feel I have to revisit over and over.  I'm sure many of you can relate to how impossible tasks or goals can feel.  I know I've tried over and over again to keep my studio organized, but it just doesn't want to stay that way!  I guess practice makes perfect, and one day I'll be able to keep it clean. 
Literally climbing mountains is also a challenge for me.  My friend once asked me to go on a hike and asked if I had ever hiked before.  I said sure, that time we were near Las Vegas.  She said, that was a walk!  I said, ok whatever, I'm sure I'll be fine on the hike.  Well, I swear I nearly passed out.  The group was oohhing and ahhing over a vista point, but there was no solace in that view for me.  I started feeling relief as the trail seemed to slope downhill, but it was a trick, and the trail started going back uphill.  Utterly, exhausted, I yelled, "why would they do this to us?!"  Lava flow drinks and hot wings never tasted as good as they did after that hike.
This collection is dedicated to your current or future challenge inspired by symbolic mountains and hills. Good luck, and you can do it!